‘Doing the Whole Body Focusing Sessions has been a profound experience for me and has given me more clarity and Ah Ha moments than I would have had otherwise’  Andy  

More Clarity and Ah ha moments

‘I appreciated your openness, flexibility and guidance in the process  by asking me questions and suggesting I allow things and to explore deeper. I also liked the fact that you gave time to let me feel things and were very gentle and non-judgemental’

Mei ‘ gentle and non-judgemental’

‘I can only express my gratitude. It was so much more, so much deeper than I could have foreseen. I still feel the effects of the session  as I’m writing this and I will recall this session for a long time. With all due respect to my psychologist and psychiatrist, but I have become aware … Continue reading Joris ‘Blossoming in such a healing way’

Joris ‘Blossoming in such a healing way’

(After my session,) on my drive home, I seemed to be calm, relaxed, more aware of people’s faces on the street,and their body language. I felt a bit recharged, as if I could do a few things I had been postponing  

Elaine ‘….calm ……and recharged’

‘Thank you for this workshop today which provided the possibility for me to see myself from another angle and to experience something that I have not  experienced before. Thank you for your flexibility, trust and patience ….. I appreciate it a lot

Annamaria ‘…see myself from another angle ….’

“Ruth designed our workshop in partnership with us.  The result was a workshop that was both healing and inspiring, and one that opened up some new possibilities.  We thoroughly recommend Ruth’s work.’ Beverley & Elke, Partners Robinson Henry

Robinson Henry ‘healing and inspiring’

I experienced the session as very open and safe. A safe place to explore my inner world and connecting with my body. I appreciated, the warm welcome, the time, the calmness and openness ……I very much enjoyed the exercise to connect with what’s going on around and with my body.  It seems to make time … Continue reading Diana ‘open and safe’

Diana ‘open and safe’

A moment of calmness and serenity thanks to a good listening

Chantal ‘ a moment of calmness’

I think this experience today is another step in my journey into understanding how to be present with others – whether in this specific process, or elsewhere. ……In general, these sessions are deepening my understanding of what it means to be present and my ‘availability’ to others – what opens it, and when I’m not … Continue reading Susan ‘another step in my journey ….’

Susan ‘another step in my journey ….’

Ruth is very sensitive and gentle yet very effective guide of a self-discovery method, what is not very used in business context yet. I came to her with a problem in an interpersonal interaction within my work environment. This problem really restrained me from being successful and confident. She helped me to find the hard … Continue reading Jana ‘feel much more self confident’….

Jana ‘feel much more self confident’….

When I asked Ruth for my first session, I could not imagine what Whole Body Focusing could bring me. I had a topic in mind linked to managing conflicts in my current relationship.  During the session another topic bubbled up and I was relieved afterwards and impressed by the wisdom of my own body. It was exactly … Continue reading Lenka, ‘I could not imagine what Focusing could bring me’

Lenka, ‘I could not imagine what Focusing could bring me’

‘Ruth set a frame in a very friendly and effective manner; and gave us participants as much time as possible to explore our visions and dreams with her guidance’

Elena,website editor and dancer

‘Complete program, very knowledgeable adviser/trainer, very good emotional intelligence and overall knowledge’  Cummins participant ‘Very empathetic and framed discussion well’ Cummins participant ‘Very good trainer adapted to my needs, tailored to focus on specific areas ‘  Merck participant ‘Ruth is very knowledgeable about the topics she presented to us today.  She really understands what a … Continue reading Corporate Trainings

Corporate Trainings