Self Compassion


  A tool for dealing with Life’s Challenging Moments

‘If your compassion does not include yourself, it is not complete’  Jack Kornfield

Learn the art of being kind to yourself whatever challenges life  gives you!

With Self Compassion you can learn to:

  • Transform moments of stress and challenge into productive and enriching times
  • Find more kindness for yourself and others in challenging moments
  • Find a kinder way to relate to yourself and others
  • Better appreciate the good moments in life


My approach draws on the work of Kristin Neff and Chris Germer,  and with whom I studied in 2012.  I also use the felt sense. This approach, invites deep unconditional acceptance and compassion for yourself. It helps you to befriend the totality of your inner experience.

This training will combine practical hands on exercises as well as some theory to ground your learning.


Learning the skills of self compassion can help you if:

  • You get frequently stressed, over reactive or frustrated in the face of difficult challenges
  • You procrastinate, avoiding tasks, and then rush things through without doing yourself justice. May be you then feel guilty that you have let yourself down?
  • You are a care-giver, and wish that this role didn’t leaving you feeling quite so burnt-out?
  • Are harder on yourself than you are on others?


Back in 2012 I wrote a a piece for EU Together Magazine.  You can read it over here: Self Compassion Article





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