So what kind of problems can focusing help with ?

Focusing helps you bring more distance in challenging relationships – whether in your professional, or personal life.  This distance helps you be clearer about your own needs and what is in your way of meeting them. It helps you see things as they are, and find acceptance.  It helps you manage your triggers – so that you have more choices in how to relate to that person.

If you are making a decision – and are not sure what to do next – listening to your body will help you find what is the right next step for you – whether its a small decision like buying someone a gift or a large decision that has a global impact.

Are you ever hard on yourself – giving yourself a hard time about something you did or didn’t do (well) enough.  Focusing helps bring more self-acceptance, and self -compassion and helps you build internal resources so that  you can also bring your care to people around  you.

Do you ever suffer from action blocks – like writer’s block  for instance – focusing helps you  understand what it is really about and in so doing can propel you into action.

If you have a vision or a project but its not very clear – focusing can help you find your clarity, bringing what you want in sharp focus to help you realise your dreams.

Above all focusing can transform your relationship with YOURSELF! bringing you more calm self-care and self-acceptance – life becomes more enjoyable and there is more space for the whole of you in it.