What is Focusing?

Imagine your body is a treasure chest. This treasure chest contains all your stored memories and experiences, in a visceral way. If only you could access this treasure. Then you would be able to re-experience and heal all your old traumas and wounds. Current research confirms that this is the best way to heal  stress and trauma.

The question is: how can you access this treasure chest?

Focusing can provide an answer.  This method helps you get more in contact with your inner experience, and with the wisdom of your body. It can bring you to greater calm, presence, and self-compassion.

It can help you find more distance in challenging relationships, it can help you tackle challenging emotions so that you no longer get  overwhelmed by them.  It can help to stop you from  over-reacting in difficult situations.

It can  help you to make sounder decisions, and the to act on them, as its no longer  just a left-brain decision but it comes from the whole of you.  When you notice any resistance now you have tools to  inquire into that resistance and find out what its about. Remarkably, and perhaps counter-intuitively – when you listen to the resistance, it tends to go away, no w that you have heard it.

Focusing brings you into contact with your felt sense. This a felling as common as a lump in your through or a  feeling in your gut. With focusing we use the intelligence of the mind to track your moment to moment bodily sensations so that you can come into contact with a much more spacious sense of your self, and the recognition that you are a whole person who is much  larger than your  challenges is.

Focusing can bring together the intelligence of your mind, with your heart, your body and your feelings. It can help you find an expanded sense of self and bringing you deep knowledge and wisdom. It can bring you fully present in this moment and helping you to  better manage your stresses and challenges

More about focusing can be found here: http://www.focusing.org/

Here you can see what it might look like in practice

The emphasis of my work is always on helping you find more self compassion and self care  as you explore your world from the inside out.

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