About Me

I have been on a personal development journey most of my adult life. Here are some of the issues that I have had to address in my own life:

  • Facing and then disarming a harsh inner critic that ran the show for way too long
  • Anxiety, stress, and burnout
  • Healing challenging relationships, in my personal and professional life
  • International relocation and the transition stress that goes with it
  • Over-thinking, and ruminating with  thoughts going and round in my mind

I think you get the idea  …….

My work is motivated by the wish to share the tools that have helped me the most, and in which I am now trained.  For example:

  • Relational Whole Body Focusing
  • Voice Dialogues
  • Transformational and Developmental Coaching
  • Mindful Self Compassion
  • Nervous System Regulation
  • Art Therapy

You can read more about each of these tools over here

My professional background is diverse: I have worked in corporate IT, software consultancy and in the public and not for profit sectors. I have been working as a trainer in personal and professional development since 2000. Clients include the European Commission, the OSCE, Cartus Intercultural Services, UK Local government, among others

I have been working with individual private clients since 2016.

My clients include people who:

  • Suffer from undue anxiety and stress
  • Overthink their problems and are caught up  in the stories they tell themselves
  • Are dealing with burnout, or find it hard to set healthy boundaries
  • Are challenged in their personal or professional relationships
  • Are hard on themselves and self critical
  • Are overly preoccupied with themselves and have low self-worth or self-esteem

By working with me, my clients learn practical hands-on tools that support them in their journey going forwards.  They get better at practicing self-care and holding healthier boundaries. They learn to make friends with themselves in all the colours and shades of their existence.   They feel more integrated and whole as a person.  They become easier to be around and develop healthier relationships They find the inner peace and calm that has been eluding them.

I would be honored to accompany and guide you on your own unique journey.

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