About Me


I have been on a personal development journey most of my adult life.  The wish to share the tools that have helped me the most is what motivates me the most.

When I started Focusing, little did I know what kind of a journey was embarking on and how my life was about to change. I am deeply grateful for the incredible gifts I have received on this journey so far. Drawing on my own healing journey is what most motivates me in my work with others.

The Focusing method has helped me find much needed distance in challenging relationships. I have gained a sense of perspective and balance. As a result I am more present and available with the people I care most about. It brings me ever more compassion for myself, my own journey and for the most challenging parts of myself. I have learned to transform my gremlins into much needed allies, from the demons they once were. It helps me find my way back, to the present moment, over and over again.It brings me into contact with my own wholeness, and with the quiet happiness that is growing strong inside me

The Focusing method has helped me more than any other method I have worked with. Over the years I have used many therapies and healing techniques. Nothing has been as effective in healing old wounds and traumas as Whole body Focusing. This is the main reason why I am now using it in my work and I am teaching others. This stuff

Self compassion is at the centre of my work. If you have an Inner Critic who is tough on you, then this work will help you. You will open up to me joy and lightness in your life. You will learn to take better care of your own well-being. You will realise that you are bigger and stronger than your  Inner Critic

These are some of the benefits that you too can receive on your own unique journey. My clients include people who:

  • suffer from undue anxiety and stress
  • have phobias such as fear of lying or agraphobia
  • .want a better balance between their mind and their heart
  • find themselves stuck in their thoughts and who want to reconnect with their body
  • Are hard on themselves and self critical
By working with me, my clients learn to find inner calm and joy. They learn to make friends with themselves in all the colours and shades of their existence.
My work draws on the diverse techniques that I have used on my own personal development journey. I am a Focusing trainer registered with the Focusing Institute of New York. I have been using this method since 2014. I trained in Mindful Self Compassion with Kristin Neff and Chris Germer in 2012. I am experienced and qualified in using in the creative and expressive arts. I bring my own warmth and model self-care to support you on your journey. I have been running diverse personal and professional development workshops since 1999.
I would be honored to accompany and guide you on your own unique journey.