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Past Events

The 3Ps of Shame – Tackling Perfectionism, Pleasing and Procrastination June 9th 2021

Foundations of Self Care 5 Monday evenings in April and May 20211

FREE Weekly Coronavirus Support Calls Mondays at 1800 CET

Online Workshop on Exploring Strong Emotions April 19th at 1030 CET

Discover the Power of Embodiment and the BodyMind Connection January 8th 2020

Workshop on Burnout at PMI Fair Conference October 4th 2019

Self Compasssion 18th November 2018, March 12th 2017, June 9th 2013, February 2nd 2013 , 21st October 2012 and September 19th 2012 , monthly 2017 – 2018

Decision making Inside Outside : May 9th 2018

Learn How to Better Handle your Emotional Reactions April 12th 2018

Is Burnout an Issue in Your Company January 22nd 2018 Podcast

An Introduction to Whole Body Focusing Training Autumn 2017

Tackle Procrastination: With Lenka Grackova September 13th 2017

The Felt Sense: December 20th 2016 and at

Finding Yes: November 2016

Grounded Presence: June 29th 2016, an October 7th 2016 at PMI Fair conference

Self Love – A workshop for women May 25th 2014

Mindfulness in Motion: 20th February 2013 and monthly through end 2014

Coming Home to who You are Inside May 20th 2012

Drawing Out Your Visions and Dreams March 28th 2012 and 24th June 2012

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