Lenka 'feel really connected to myself … and to other people'

Focusing has changed my life!

(Before  I started ) I was scattered, and all over the place and disconnected from myself.  After 13 session I feel really connected to myself, I could understand my reactions  and my behaviour much better.  I can also connect more easily to other people.

When I asked Ruth for my first session, I could not imagine what Whole Body Focusing could bring me. I had a topic in mind linked to managing conflicts in my current relationship.  During the session another topic bubbled up and I was relieved afterwards and impressed by the wisdom of my own body. It was exactly what I needed to resolve so that I could move further in my relationship.

Since then I let the topics appear from my body and after 8 sessions, my life is different. What I have always wanted rationally and never managed, is suddenly happening. I understand and accept myself more than before. I do not try to fix myself anymore. I feel happier, strong and connected to myself and to people around me. I managed to remove writers block, connect to my inner child, overcome dependence issues in relationships, deal with interpersonal conflicts and handle different type of conflicts inside of me.  The journey to see myself and my life in many different colors, not only in black (bad) or white (good), has been truly exciting.

Ruth has guided me through the journey with the empathy and wisdom she gained through her own personal journey. The trust she managed to create helped me reveal and heal my most vulnerable parts.

Thank you, Ruth!

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