Fanni ‘perfectly comfortable feeling ocasionally uncomfortable’

I arranged my first appointment with Ruth six months after I started struggling with anxiety and occasional panic attacks at work. This experience was completely new to me. I was very unhappy with this situation and developed irrational thoughts about not being able to do my job to the extent that I would eventually lose it. My emotional reaction to these uncomfortable physical symptoms resulted in a spiralling down state of body and mind at work. In our first session with Ruth we defined my objectives together: being able to handle anxiety if it arises and arriving at a state of being comfortable at work again. Over the next couple of months Ruth has taught me a few very useful techniques to accept and improve upon my situation. She followed up on my progress meeting by meeting (scheduled every two to three weeks) and carefully adapted her advice to my personal circumstances at the time. Steadily, after a couple of sessions, I have been feeling better in many of the professional settings that used to cause me great emotional stress before. Ruth also helped me to overcome a major setback in my professional progress due to a tragedy I experienced in my personal life. I would like to acknowledge here the excellent coaching Ruth has been giving me! I am now perfectly comfortable with occasionally feeling uncomfortable and I fully enjoy my job again. I’m looking forward to working with Ruth in the future on some new personal development projects!

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