Corporate Trainings

Ruth is not only providing training, she applied her coaching skills in today’s session and helped me to build a better context for the country I am living in.  The program is well catered to my needs’  GSK Participant                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

The program helped me understand the values underpinning behaviours and strategies to adjust’  BMS   participant

‘Ruth is very knowledgeable about the topics she presented to us today.  She really understands what a relocation brings to the table’ Cummins participant

‘Overall it was a day well spent.  may things were familiar to me but being able to put things into perspective , based on my personal approach and freely ask questions about local behaviour was  useful.  All my concerns were answered.  examples during the training were provided  based on my preferences and not generic stereotypes’   Ingersoll Rand participant

‘The programme helped me to very much to reflect on  my experiences and on all the value I gained in the last years’  PnG participant

‘Ruth was brilliant! Very accommodating to my business needs. Excellent introduction to Belgium,  Was a great insight’ Colgate participant

‘She is an excellent listener.  She therefore adjusts pretty well  the training for us’   PnG participant

‘I learned a lot about Belgian culture which I can apply in daily interactions.  I appreciated Ruth tailoring the program to our needs and the variety of media to keep it interesting’  GSK participant

‘Ruth is personable and enlightening. Highly recommend her for future training.  I came into the training with low expectations However! Amazing! Ruth provided insight into Belgium I never considered’ Ansell Healthcare  participant

‘Ruth was very professional and thorough with her presentation. She answered all my questions, offered suggestions in response to specific topics ‘ Ingersoll Rand participant

‘The trainer who is knowledgeable and helped me reflect on my situation’ BASF participant

‘I got more out of this program than expected.  Ruth was very helpful’  Solvay participant

‘Supportive and good trainer who guided me through introspective questions’  Bayer participant

‘I loved the constant interaction’   Solvay participant

‘I particularly liked the focus on personal challenges and coping skills’ Solvay participant

‘The program is well structured and prepared’  Solvay participant 

‘The program was very tailored to my needs and personal interests.  I appreciated discussing my issues openly and being advised in solutions’ Merck participant

‘Ruth is very knowledge able about Belgian culture, Business and Social environment.  She listens well and responds in a simple relevant manner’  Merck participant

‘The trainer is a great listener and provided valuable insight’   JP Morgan participant

‘I appreciated discussing my personal situation at work and receiving ideas on how to handle it ‘ ING participant

‘Very useful to know many different aspects about the country, culture business’  BMS Participant

‘This program was very good’  Solvay participant

‘The structure of the presentation is comprehensive’ BASF participant

‘The trainer was very nice and open.  and reacted to our needs.  The nice atmosphere created  made it easy to talk about many things freely.  There was a broad variety of topics covered’  BASF participant

‘The program was well adapted to my need and it was easy to discuss. The coach/trainer took time to understand my need and I valued the open discussion’  GSK participant

‘Ruth’s own experiences were very useful and she could relate.  She was able to give us good insights from her own perspective’  Merck participant

‘Complete program, very knowledgeable adviser/trainer/coach, very good emotional intelligence and overall knowledge’  Cummins participant

‘Very empathetic and framed discussion well’ Cummins participant

‘Very good trainer adapted to my needs, tailored to focus on specific areas ‘  Merck participant

‘Very personable and covered topics well’  Zoetis IC participant

“We really enjoyed our day with Ruth, Thank you for the trainings!” GSK  particicipants

‘Very professional and oriented to results, easy to communicate due to her skills’   Cummins participant

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