Intercultural Training

This training will build your skills working in cross cultural teams:

  • Do you want to better understand the differences between your own way of working and those of your colleagues?
  • Do you want to learn a wider range of management styles that better supports a range of cultural preferences?
  • Do you want to learn more about the impact culture has on how people work and the choices that they make?

If you answer YES To these questions you would benefit from an intercultural training for you and your colleagues.
For groups of 10 or more participants, an interactive intercultural simulation is offered to help support participant learning. Smaller group and individual sessions are also available.

The workshop can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the group and individuals. (Sessions can be focused on specific cultural differences between two or more cultures/countries of your choice, which have particular relevance to your situation, Belgium and the US, for example). Download details here


‘Complete program, very knowledgeable adviser/trainer, very good emotional intelligence and overall knowledge’  Cummins participant

‘Very empathetic and framed discussion well’ Cummins participant

‘Very good trainer adapted to my needs, tailored to focus on specific areas ‘  Merck participant

‘Ruth is very knowledgeable about the topics she presented to us today.  She really understands what a relocation brings to the table’ Cummins participant

‘Very personable and covered topics well’  Zoetis IC participant

“We really enjoyed our day with Ruth, and, I might add, she has a special gift with children. My children still and repeatedly ask when Ms. Ruth can come back: ‘We love Ms. Ruth!’ Every time their French tutor rings, they jump up and ask if it’s Ms. Ruth returning for them. When I tell them “no”, they still ask why she can’t come back!!! She really made quite an impression on them and did a fantastic job with them! Thank you for the trainings!” GSK  particicipants

‘Very professional and oriented to results, easy to communicate due to her skills’   Cummins participant