Is Happiness an Inside Job?

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege and the honour to speak at the First ever Serious Waffle Session.
As a trainer and facilitator, I am used to standing up in front of people and talking to them. But I had never given a proper speech before!! Truth be told, I was terrified! Agreeing to give this talk was challenging me in more ways than I had bargained for. Is happiness an inside job?

A new way to deal with anger…

Today, well  all week actually, I am in a bit of a spat with someone – they did something that really upset me, made me angry, that has consequences for me –I could go on, but I will spare you.  In any case, I am still pretty upset about the whole situation… I am writingContinue reading “A new way to deal with anger…”

Memories Spinning Off – Focusing and a Fear of Flying

  The young man told me he had a fear of flying – so much so, that he was working on it with another therapist.  He was curious to see what focusing would bring in helping him with this phobia. Lets take a look at what happened in Jospeh;’s  session ( not his real name) Continue reading “Memories Spinning Off – Focusing and a Fear of Flying”

Shaken but not stirred

There I was at the end of my holiday in beautiful sunny Brittany,  perfect weather, sandy beaches, turquoise clear water just perfect for paddling, and amazingly beautiful scenery.  I had one hour left before catching my train home, and I was just contemplating how to spend this time. My head was buried in google maps,Continue reading “Shaken but not stirred”