7 Tips for Good Self-care in these crazy coronavirus days

These days are challenging for may of us. I am missing many things from my normal life and yet these days are bringing me new opportunities.

I have been reflecting on what would be useful to post about – that you are not getting from elsewhere . Here are a few tips that I helping me in these days:

1. Reconnect with a sense of purpose. It doesn’t have to be a big life purpose (but it could be). It can be as simple as choosing to focus on learning a new skill or getting on with a project that’s been on the back burner. You may like to ask yourself : ‘How do I want this time to have changed me during thee days?’

2. Make sure you are dedicating time to your physical body. For example: exercising 20 – 30 mins per day; resting when needed and helping your immune system stay strong.

3. Give yourself a break in these uncertain times. Recognise that things are challenging for many of us and that you are not alone. Things may take longer than usual so don’t beat up on yourself about it. As much as you can be aware of both the negatives and the positives of this situation

4. Connect with people! Virtually when needed, but think about your neighbours too. I heard a friend had set up a whatsapp group for their street – so I set one up for my building . I find that knowing I can reach out to to my neighbours in times of need brings a feeling of more safety and connection.

5. Recognise that other people are feeling the strain as well. Find empathy for others, as well as for yourself – we all need it. What kindness can you bring to yourself in the face of this challenging time. And what things ( large or small) are there to be grateful for? Find a way to bring more awareness to the whole situation. It may not feel like it but this time will pass.

6. Ask yourself what you can contribute. It can be something small like helping a neighbour with shopping, or call a friend who may need help. Rest assured this time is calling us all to stay connected with each other and to support each other.

7. Recognise that YOU are a complex system and that you have many parts. You probably have a part that is managing things fine. But there might be other parts of you that are feeling insecure or anxious at this time. See if you can give all of yourself the compassion and care that you need.

If you, or someone you know is feeling isolated, and you may like to know that I have set up a free support group that will run on zoom every Monday at 1800 CET.

Why am I doing this?
Keeping social connections is essential, and especially now, in these challenging times. Staying connected not only feels good, but it also helps to keep our nervous system calm and regulated. It helps us feel less isolated and more connected to a wider world.

I hope that we can support each other to keep our attention positive and constructive.

Sometimes it is difficult to share our deepest concerns to those we are closest to. This is a space where these topics will be welcome – to share and reflect on.

If you, or anyone you know is interested please find further details here:

What is helping you at this time? Please add your thoughts in the comments below:

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