How Can Your Body Help You to Manifest Your Visions and Dreams?

A few yeas back I worked with a single expat who had recently arrived in Belgium. We spent some time reflecting on where he wanted to be 3 years ahead of time, as he would be moving on to his next project. He told me he would be married, and to have a child. He also said that he would be going on to head up a country for his company – one of the major players in the pharmaceutical industry. He had tuned into his bodily sensations of how this would all feel on the inside – in a bodily way.

I met him again recently. He told me that he was leaving Belgium to take on the CEO job he had wanted, he had married and his wife was expecting their first child.

So how did he do it?

On our first day together, we had taken some time for him to connect with his bodily felt senses. He had listened for what success feels like for him. He had connected with this place sometimes during the intervening time. Obviously, he has also worked hard to achieve his goals!

This process of connecting with the felt sense of the body, and connecting it with the mind can be powerful. One of my colleagues uses it to address health issues. She swears it has also saved her previously rocky marriage . I use it to handle challenging situations and to bring more ease and inner peace in my life. I am glad to report that it is working!

This process of connecting your intentions with how you want to feel in a bodily way is accessible to anyone. For some it is easy and straightforward, and I invite you to experiment. I am interested to hear how you get on. For others, the process can be more complicated. Things can get in the way, and you may need support to connect with the vision that you want. There may be obstacles to be dealt with before you can reach that clarity of your vision, and this step is key.

Connecting with the body in a felt sense kind of a way is a key component of my work with people.

As a Christmas promotion I am offering Visioning sessions at 50% normal session price.

During the session you can explore your intentions for the following year. You can learn to connect with your vision in a bodily way. This can then become a resource for you to support you towards your intentions and goals. Each session -is 50 minute and is available in person or via Skype.

Why not give this as a gift to yourself or a loved one?

More details over here: Gift vouchers!


How do you get on with your experiments connecting your vision and your body?

Please share your experiences in the comments below:

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