Opening the Door on Gratitude

open-doorThe other day I managed to lock myself out of the house.  Did that ever happen to you? I had just come back from holiday and I was on a planned Skype call. I was expecting a furniture delivery but it wasn’t scheduled til later.  So of course on this occasion my furniture arrived EARLY – and sure enough I had to get some cash from the bank around the corner for their delivery fee.  I came back into the building, and when I got back to my front  door I realised that I had left my other key on the other side of the door and so  I had locked myself out!  What to do?! – Time was I would have panicked and stressed out, giving myself a hard time about how foolish I had been.  Fortunately for me this problem was easily solved as my upstairs neighbour was home and could help me connect with my landlord.  Everything was sorted out super fast, and I was home What a relief!!.  Sure I spent a few hours hanging around waiting but globally I was extremely lucky, it was so easy and straightforward  to solve it, and I was feeling grateful…..

Grateful for all the people who dropped everything so I could get back in to my home, grateful that I could get into the building so I was warm and dry, grateful  that I have somewhere nice to live, that I can pay my rent, that Id had a super holiday, that I was feeling calm, healthy, alive – the list is long once you get started!.  I wasn’t remotely bothered about the time I had lost that day  – I was so grateful to be home again, sure I had to reschedule my call but the other person was understanding  once I told them what had happened.

What I m noticing is that once I take time to feel grateful all those other voices –  the ‘beat me up’ voices   – I am sure I am not the only one that has them  – don’t need to be heard so much – I am so busy feeling grateful that they go a way of their own accord – how marvelous is that!!

And as a follow up to this little story, This morning, on my way to my office,  I realised that perhaps I had gotten out of bed the wrong side as I wasn’t in a particularly good mood, and I had just missed my bus – there wasn’t another one in ages, darn it!!   So I decided to walk – it was a beautiful sunny morning –a  bit cold but the exercise was  good.  I realised that  it was time to start practicing what I am on about – Get grateful!   Its a practice – which means that sometimes gratitude is not spontaneous when you start  -= its like showing the mind the groves in the tracks  look over here – GRATITUDE – you know you feel great when you feel grateful –

What am I grateful for today? – well actually this walk, being out in the sunshine on this cold Belgian day is pretty good to start with,  I am fit and healthy and I love walking .  Its Friday today and I have some nice plans for the weekend, starting this evening , and then the mind takes over finding more and more things I feel grateful for.  By the time I got to my office I was in a great mood and ready for a full  day ahead of me.

What are you feeling grateful for today?
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