Wiggle your toes


This first blog post entry I share an experience of grounded presence, the foundation stone focusing, and how it is helping me in my life.

What does it mean to be really PRESENT – alive and awake and aware of the ground beneath my feet, the sky above me, aware of the sounds coming in from out side, aware of the thoughts that whizz thru’ my brain.

I am watching the tirade of thoughts spilling out of me now as a I write.  I notice them, not really caught in them, just acknowledging them, putting them gently aside – one by one as they come up.  Then I come back to my thought-process as I write – I notice the self-judgements that come in thick and fast.  In me, these voices, and similar ones, are cajoling around, too much of the time.

It was certainly  like that for the longest time. In the past little things would trigger huge reactions, that afterwords left me feeling embarrassed and a bit hopeless – how did that situation repeat – again?

One day, midway through yet another challenging situation,  something different happened. A new friend invited me quite simply just to feel my toes, and to feel the contact between my toes and the ground, and from there slowly to bring in to awareness all the parts of my body  one by one.  By the end of it I felt calmer, more present, more alive and simply aware of my energy and everything that had been triggered by this challenging situation

You can always wiggle your toes!   It might sound silly, but its remarkable what a huge difference this simple step can make.  Here am I, standing here, sitting here, and whatever else is going on. I can feel my toes, I am in contact with the earth through the soles of my feet. Gravity is acting downwards and, sure enough the gentle reaction from the floor pushing back.  I can feel my own presence more strongly, I am more alive and awake and it all starts with the simple step of wiggling my toes!

Check it out and experiment!

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